Calendars: Why You Should Have One

Do you have a main calendar? Calendars are essential for the busy individual, family, or business. Remembering birthdays, appointments, bills, and every detail of life, without help can be difficult. Maybe even impossible. Calendars can help your memory and organization. But why use a physical calendar if you have one on your phone or email?

1. Communication

A benefit of having a main physical calendar in your home or business simplifies scheduling. Every household member or employee can see everyone’s upcoming appointments. It serves as a wonderful visual aide! This allows everyone to communicate and become more efficient.

2. Commitment

In the home, a master calendar is perfect for making commitments to yourself and others. Writing down the things you need to accomplish, like a workout or schedule a doctor’s appointment, is a great way to remember your goals. Devoting yourself to healthy activities is important for your physical and mental health and having a master calendar shows you when you can feasibly work in these activities. It also allows you to make commitments with your family members like a much needed date night.

3. Prioritizing

Having everything on one physical calendar allows you to see the important events of the next day. This allows you to prepare the night before and prioritize important commitments first before adding in what else you want and need to do. It also shows you what your agenda is for the upcoming week, allowing you to prepare on Sunday. Calendars help remind you of these important events coming up (like anniversaries!) so that you can buy that gift on time. Life can get hectic; it is easy to forget things when you aren’t organized.

4. Dates

Some dates are more important than others. Whether it is a big exam or a plane to Disney World, it is helpful to visually appraise how close a certain date is coming. It could be closer than you think! The benefit of physical main calendars is that it’s large and easy to count down. You can also flip to the months ahead and write down upcoming events.

5. Less Stress

Life is a wonderful adventure…but it can also be a whirlwind of stress. Work. Parties. Projects. Church. Vacations. Family. Deadlines. Games. Work. Volunteering. There are so many things going on it is no wonder that things slip your mind. Missing important events and being disorganized is chaos. And chaos is stressful! A master physical calendar can help ebb some of the stress by allowing you to remember all of your upcoming events. You’ve written it all down. You see it all the time. There is much less of a chance you will miss something important in your month.

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